3 Coasts 600 – Learning the route

In order to prepare for the 3 Coasts 600 this coming weekend I spent some time with the route sheet plotting it out on a map.  I used bikeroutetoaster because the save function in that software allowed me to do this over several evenings, and it really took several evenings to plot out the 289 route directions.  The route sheet is a list of instructions navigating you around the route, and with 605km to cover, there are lots of junctions!

So here is my final interpretation of the route from Route Sheet to Map; the route starts and finishes at Mytholmroyd near Hebden Bridge, firstly heading out for a 375km loop to Bridlington back via Thirsk, the the second loop of about 230km goes to the North Pier at Blackpool and up to Glasson Dock before coming south to Hollingworth Lake and returning to Mytholmroyd via England’s longest road descent.
The elevation profile for the whole route is choppy to say the least, and the biggest climbs seem to be saved for the end of the whole ride.  I hope my legs survive!
I do not have a GPS for the bicycle, so the maps will be no use during the ride, I plan to stick with the route sheet and a photocopy of the pages from a road atlas. However the main point is to get a general idea fixed in my mind for where I’m going and where the controls will be.  To prevent people claiming to have ridden an Audax there are points where you have to prove you’ve passed through, these are known as “Controls”.  There are three types of Control:
  • “Information Control” where you simply make an observation and record it on the Brevet Card in answer to a question
  • “Control” where you stop and collect a stamp or receipt to prove you’ve actually visited the place.
  • Something new to me is the Checkpoint – not sure what that is but I’ll find out on Saturday!

So the places I’ll be visiting along the way are:

Set off from Mytholmroyd (0km)

Checkpoint at Mirfield; Bus-stop (23km)

Control at Castleford; Bus Station Cafe (50km)
Control at Pocklington; Service Station (107km)
Information Control at Langtoft (139km)

Control at Bridlington; Boathouse Cafe (159km) 

Control at Malton; Yorkshire Tea Rooms (204km)

 Information Control near Skipton-on-Swale (254km)

 Information Control at Aldwark Bridge (280km)

 Control at Castleford; Service Station (324km)

Control at Mytholmroyd (375km)

Checkpoint at Todmorden; ATM (384km)
Information Control at Whitechapel (435km)
Control at Fulwood; Service Station (446km)
Information Control at Blackpool; North Pier (474km)
Control at Glasson Dock; Lantern o’er Lune cafe (508km)
Control at Whalley; Whalley Abbey (551km)
Control at Hollingworth Lake; Visitor Centre (589km)
Finish at Mythmolmroyd (605km)
The purpose of this post is to help me picture these places and I’ll review this a couple of times before I leave  home Friday night.  All this preparation is intended to help me do this Audax successfully but there will always be the unexpected incidents, so by the next time I report back I hope to have photographs of my own rather than screen captures from the internet.
Pray for me.

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