Wild flowers ride

After the3 Coasts 600 I had a day off work to recover.  Ruth called and asked if I’d like to join her and Martin on a ride to Northallerton and back – which I was very happy to do.  I had no soreness from the 600km ride, I was still on holiday and the promised gentle ride was going to be a lovely chatty and sunny affair.

Ruth and Martin riding and chatting.
There was occasional rain and I brought out my comedy cape to Martin’s amusement.  But it passed quickly and the short sleeves came out again.
We spotted a tribute to Wiggo’s TdF win, a yellow Intercity 125, although Martin had some story about it being a maintenance train or something.  That just sounded dubious; it was much more likely to be Brad’s own 125 in Tour winner livery.

In Northallerton we stopped for a quiet lunch, soup and a roll washed down with coffee in a secret little cafe.

On the way home I spent some time flower spotting and wondering at all the different coloured thistles.

There were also a couple of snap dragons…

We really do live in a beautiful place.  Thanks be to God.

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