Preparing for the “Old 240” 400km Audax

Following the useful preparation I did for the 600km “3 Coasts 600” audax, I thought it sensible to prepare for the “Old 240” in a similar manner.  I have taken the route sheet and plotted my way around using bikeroutetoaster because the save function allowed me to do this over several evenings.  I then transferred the gpx file to bikehike because I prefer the look of the maps and the detail in the elevation screen.

Route of the “Old 240” audax

Some significant climbing, this ride qualifies for 6.5AAA points

I have also used google street view to look at each of the controls in turn, this was very useful before because it allowed me to ride straight to the control rather than dawdling around searching for it on the actual ride.

Lastly I read up on previous experiences of this ride.  Peter Bond had his experience of riding this as a permanent written up in Arrivée (Number 117, Summer 2012, page 52) and also online in the yacf ride report section (part 1 and part 2).  Peter sharing his experience like this is appreciated and done at a really convenient time for me, I have heard a rumour he may be riding this calendar event at the same time as I, so look forward to seeing him again.

Finally, as I plotted out the route I realised that some of the roads are going to be very familiar, it’s just that I haven’t ridden them all in the same journey.  I’m pleased the route takes me up Barbondale, I loved cycling on that during our Ingleby Barwick Wheelers and Friends C2C2C.  At 200km we’ll be coming up to Hartside cafe and swooping down to Alston.  The roads around Barnard Castle and Middleton Tyas are familiar.  The route from Richmond to Leyburn is part of Darlington Borough Council’s Hell of the North.  I expect to be here in the first part of the night and therefore it will be nice to be somewhere familiar.

Start / Finish in Sowerby Bridge

Control 1, an Information Control on Hollins Lane (23km)

Control 2, an Information Control in Rathmell (60km)

Control 3, in Settle, a free choice of ATM or shop (66km)

Control 4, an Information Control in Melling (93km)

Control 5, Meadowside Cafe in Dent (116km)

Control 6, Information Control in Crosby Garret (149km)

Control 7, Hartside Cafe, not sure if this is a control or not (check Brevet card), but there may be an Information Control here. (191km)

Control 8, Alston, either the Cumbrian Pantry or a free choice if shut (200km)

Control 9, Information Control at Cleasby (276km)

Control 10, Scotch Corner Services (286km)

Control 11, Information Control at Kidstones (322km)

Control 12, Gargrave, either the shop and ATM, or after 10pm the bus shelter…(362km)

(bus shelter)

Finish back at Salisbury street…(407km)

Another great bicycle ride, the route of which is visible from space.  Cool.  Looking forward to this ride, hoping for good weather, strength in my legs, knees, lungs, heart and head.  Hoping also for courage and determination and for God’s blessing on everyone taking part.

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