Perfect Spring Morning

When the sun comes out and warms up the air, when there is a cloudless blue sky, when everyone knows it’s time to get out on their bicycle, you know Spring has arrived.
The number of cyclists out today was double anything I’ve seen over Winter.  Large groups out in pace lines, couples riding and chatting and lone cyclists blasting down the road.  I really enjoyed waving and smiling at fellow riders and there is a sense that you’d expect to see a cyclist on the road these days… they are not as rare as in previous years.
After the morning church service, Carol and I took a pootle out through the cycles paths to Preston Farm and joined the A135 into Yarm and along the High Street.  Loonies were out in force today; our favourite was one motorcyclist being towed by another.  I kept behind Carol and let her set a comfortable pace on the climb from the Tees up to Levington Grange where we could cycle side-by-side for a bit towards Weary Bank.

We took the descent to Weary Bank carefully due to the gravel and wet road surface, and I let Carol get a head start on the climb.  Weary Bank is steep but not very long, so I raced uphill to catch her.  This made it clear just how much fitness I’ve lost over the Winter, I was huffing and puffing like a steam engine.
We parted ways at the top and I set off for a bit more strenuous activity through Stokesley and Tame Bridge before heading home via Newby and Thornton.  Carol took the shorter trip via Hilton.  Getting home, the sun was still shining and we sat drinking coffee and enjoying what we hope is the beginning of a year of glorious weather.

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