BR stands for brrrrrrrr!

According to the weather-soothsayers, Saturday looks dreadful.  20kph wind from the northeast, 3oC and heavy rain.
To top it off, they are actually predicting the rain will turn to sleet and snow later.

 Sounds like the perfect opportunity to go for a really long bicycle ride!
When I’m 64 – 200km BR
(brrrrrr <shivers>)

This 200km (125 mile) Brevet de Randonneur starts from Aldbrough St John at 8am and heads south to Thirsk, Malton and York before returning north via Ripon and back to Aldbrough St John.  I signed up for this in November 2012 when I thought Carol would be ready for a fairly flat and fast 200km ride.  As a first ‘Randonneur’ distance, this looks like a really nice opportunity to bag a badge.  However, as we’ve got closer to the day, and with the pressures of work and weather – we haven’t really done anywhere near enough training.  I haven’t even undertaken an individual ride of longer than 60km this year.  However, here I am, getting ready, looking at the route in detail and planning my journey.  And look at that weather.  Dreadful.  This is going to be a cold day out.
The route itself should be fairly familiar – down to Thirsk from Aldbrough St John will be fairly new to me, but from there to Coxwold and Malton, back to York and up to Ripon are all roads I have ridden before.  From Ripon back to Aldbrough St John will be new to me, or rather will be a reverse view of the way out.  We’re using the Londonderry crossing of the A1 near Leeming Bar, which saves going under the A1 on the A684 and approaching the railway crossing that skuppered me on the C2C2C.  The only blip on the elevation graph is the climb at Coxwold… hardly worth thinking about and really puts the flat nature of this ride in context.

All the controls are “free” which means I don’t have to look for a specific cafe to get a stamp on my Brevet card.  But I will be buying hot drinks and asking for receipts – then hoping to keep them dry.  No “info” controls so no need for a pencil! Yay!  The main challenge for Saturday will be to keep warm, so I’m going to try riding with my track-cape.  This might be difficult with the 20kph wind, but I know that it will keep my bicycle dry, keep me dry and provide some insulation.  I’m also packing my rain-legs, which are an absurd invention, looks about the silliest thing ever and I’m not going to post a picture of – but they do work – so sssshhhhh.  If I survive I shall be dripping on the keyboard to write up the experience.  I wonder if I’ll be able to take any photographs.

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