JRA – May Bank Holiday

JRA – Just Riding Around… The weather has been perfectly gorgeous this weekend and I’ve taken advantage of this to go out and pootle around the Tees Valley and Cleveland hills.  My wife suggests I should rename this blog, “the lonely cyclist”, given the number of head shots I have of myself.
Saturday, out to Great Ayton and up Ingleby Bank.  Topped 70kph descending to Great Broughton and then rode along to Carlton in Cleveland for a pint at the Blackwell Ox.  Home again for tea.

Sunday, out to Carlton in Cleveland to climb Carlton Bank.  U-turn at the top and descend like a stone to the Blackwell Ox for a pint of Classy Blonde.  Then along to Great Broughton and up Clay Bank.  Kept it in my head that I was at 75% effort (in a trick to fool myself into working harder while remaining seated.)  Ingleby Bank descent and over to Great Ayton for ice-cream… but it was too busy.  Took the singletrack lane past the stables to get home via Newby.

Two wonderful pootle-speed rides, albeit alone, topping up the cyclists tan.

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