Sunshine and friends

Having spent a long weekend JRA-solo (just riding along on my own), it was really nice to meet up with Ruth and Deano for a little while.  I know some people look for exciting new roads to ride on but I believe we are blessed in the northeast of England.  We have beautiful scenery, great routes and I really don’t get tired of just riding along.  My friends had a longer journey in mind than I did, they were heading down towards York and had planned to use the old railway line for some off-road fun.  I was happy to be with them as far as Bank Foot before doing a u-turn and heading for Ingleby Bank and a descent of Clay Bank to head home.
The route details were fairly simple: Ingleby Barwick, over Seamer hill to Stokesley and then turning right to Kirkby to avoid the main road to Great Broughton, finally heading over the roundabout to Ingleby Greenhow and the beginning of the byway at Bank Foot.  This was where I left my friends to their COR (Comedy Off Road) section and I pootled back to Ingleby Bank and home.
Leaving our bikes with a plethora of others in Stokesley

Time for coffee with friends
 Clear blue skies made for a hot morning
Time to go
Flowers in the hedges

Deano heads for the hills 

Answering the question, “How do you take photos while cycling?” 

Let the comedy off-road (COR) begin!

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