Planning for the Aldbrough Grimpeur

I’ve entered the Aldbrough Grimpeur, scheduled for the 10th August; a 100km Brevet Populaire but with 2.25 AAA points for climbing.  As usual I’m keen to be prepared in advance, I’m sure it will pay off.  As this is only 100km, I’ll be using my lighter road bike.  I recently and discovered that it weighs 8.8kg, compared to the 10.8kg for my tourer.  I can simply strap the route sheet to my arm with elastic bands, a couple of inner tubes in my back pocket and a frame-pump fitted under the top tube.  I’m riding with a couple of friends, and as Aldbrough is only 40km from home, and as the ride starts at 9am, I could set off at 6:45am and arrive comfortably for the beginning.
Getting there and back… the plan is to ride to the start (40km) via Girsby and Neasham as follows
I plotted out the route from Nigel Hall’s 2010 route sheet on the VC167 website, I hope it is correct.
The control points are
Washton at 11.1km, the Hack and Spade public house
Then at 26.3km, the Dales Bike Centre, somewhere I’ve been before for soup
Next, at 49.6km, just before the ascent of Buttertubs, is Simonstone
Climb Buttertubs then drop down to Muker for a pint, this is a full control point and a receipt is needed
Continue through Muker and on to the left turn by the Punch Bowl which looks like this
There are water splashes (Fords) along this part of the route, like this
The next control is at the post box just past a bridge on the other side of the Stang
Finally we head back to Aldbrough St John for a beer before taking the 40km ride home.
The elevation for the route looks interesting – this will be a ride to take easy and enjoy rather than blast round.

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