Winter Training Camp II

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, but with a bit of the experience gained yesterday I took water, suncream and chose the Trek 3900 Mountain Bike (with real working brakes) to attack the hills to the north.
This lunchtime breakout session was intended to be faster than on the family bike and I didn’t want to push up any hills, so I checked the brakes thoroughly and set the saddle height.  Although the rental Trek 3900 MTB was a particularly old example with replacement cheap front suspension, it was a darn sight faster than the other ride.  I attacked the first hill and just kept going.  Hairpin descents and 10% climbs came and went as I looked for the next significant beach along the coast to the north.
I arrived at Naithon Beach and stopped for water.  Although the beach itself was lovely, the road was lined with rubbish.  This could be such a beautiful location if people just tidied up after themselves instead of dropping litter and walking away.  I wasn’t stopping anyway, I turned around and retraced my tyre tracks as strongly as I could on this bicycle.
The climbing was lots of fun and again local drivers were extremely courteous, slowing down graciously and giving me plenty of space.  I stopped at one hairpin to try and capture the sense of forested hillside with ocean below.
The heat and the work I was doing resulted in me shedding buckets of sweat and salt, so I finished off the 500ml of water I’d brought and hit the last of the climbs on the way retracing my route back to Angsana Laguna hotel.
Ride statistics describe a 25km ride with 520m of climbing – a good strong workout and a great excuse to enjoy the food at the Sales Awards Dinner tonight.  I expect this was my last opportunity to ride in Thailand – but it has been good.  The road surfaces are excellent and the motorists patient.  The scenery is stunning and the weather beautiful  What more could I have asked for.  Fantastic.

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