Unfold ‘n’ Go

How will you get home?
Like this… click, click, click… see ya!

I borrowed my wife’s Dahon Curve to pop in the boot of the car, so that when I dropped the car in for a service I could easily get home. I love the self-sufficient nature of being able to carry a folding bicycle with me, and the magic moment when it unfolds into a ‘proper’ bicycle that can carry me home. It is not a toy – it is a travel resource!
There has been a boom in the number of people cycling in Teesside in the last few years; for pleasure as well as simply to get around. Cycling to work has even become an aspirational thing, where people would like to be able to cycle to work, would like to be able to leave their car at home and use the bicycle to get fit, get some fresh air and a bit of “me time” between the home and office, and also save money on expensive fuel bills. I’m trying to cut down on car use for private mileage; I still have to use the car for work, but for anything else I’m looking to the bicycle as my first choice.

The Hub in Stockton is a Sustrans partnership with Stockton Council and they provide secure indoor parking, changing facilities, and maintenance, training and social activities for cyclists in the area. It opened a few years ago and is now quite crowded with lovely bicycles stored and watched over by the friendly team. The Hub makes it much easier to choose to cycle into Stockton instead of drive, because it stops me worrying about where I have left my bicycle.
I’m looking forward to later today when I can go and collect my car. Not because I’m excited about picking up a freshly serviced and professionally cleaned car, no, but because I am excited that I can go for a bicycle ride.

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