Kaffehaus Amadeus

Tandem ride number three: twice as far as our first ride! Carol and I returned to the tandem’s home town of Lanchester via the Lanchester Valley Cycle Path. We hoped to meet up with Aidan and Lynn, but they were both working today so we had to make do with a trip to a coffee shop instead. They recommended Kaffehaus Amadeus.

We were riding this cycle path in the opposite direction to the adventure Katherine and I enjoyed on Tuesday, from Durham to Bishop Auckland. The cycle path has the same hard-packed gravel surface in this direction too, and we rode along comfortably. Carol has joked previously, “I noticed that Graeme’s three back pockets would be handy to keep sandwiches and a flask of tea in. Perhaps something to read.” So without saying anything I tucked a copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ into my back pocket hoping she might notice while we rode along.
We have certainly improved in confidence and communication; Carol is getting better at remaining clipped into the pedals when I stop, meaning we can set off again quickly at junctions. I found she remained balanced in a neutral way which in turn made managing the pilot’s job much easier. We were able to chat and I’m getting better at providing useful information to her.

Our ride had a goal: Kaffehaus Amadeus in Lanchester, an unassuming cafe from the outside, but the quality of the coffee was perfect. Carol repeatedly pointed out how wonderful her hot chocolate was and in addition, we had a delicious light lunch of homemade bread, cheese and cooked meats. When we left we felt that we’d enjoyed a taste of Viennese cafe culture.

The return journey involved retracing our wheel tracks along the Lanchester Valley Cycle Path to Langley Park before following the A691 back through Witton Gilbert and uphill as far as Lanchester Road Hospital. Then we took Trout Lane to join the B6532 (Sacriston/Durham road), this let us avoid the difficulty of the large roundabout on the A167, and it also allowed me to put the tandem into the ‘big ring’ and enjoy a top gear blast.

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