Helping on an Audax: Pair of Kirtons 600km

Mike Wigley of VC167, Peak Audax CTC and Audax UK, was running “A Pair of Kirtons” 600km Audax and the Green Dragon in Welton was the 156km control. I volunteered to spend the day in the pub stamping brevet cards… I know it is a hard life – but this training for London Edinburgh London won’t drink itself.

The first rider came through a mere 10 minutes after the control opened, which means he’d ridden 156km at an average pace of 30kph. After that there were another 5 riders within 30 minutes of him… before the floodgates opened and there was a constant stream of cyclists. I understand between 70 and 80 audaxers were taking part: new-comers and a healthy selection of the good and the great. Below are a selection of those taking part… and the final rider through for the day still had over an hour in hand when he arrived. Fabulous sunshine, and a glorious event. God speed to you all…

Graeme and Mike


  1. Thanks for your suggestion for a bike shop to address my ‘ drooping head light syndrome’. They sorted it within a couple of seconds and on finding out what the ride was presented me with a sports bar to help keep me going. Excellent service from a proper local bike shop.

    1. Fantastic! Vive le Velo in North Ferriby… they service Chris ‘Hoppo’ Hopkinson’s RAAM bike, so they fully understand long distance cycling. Great team there.

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