The end of a blog

This website is drawing to a close. I’ve not written anything significantly new for over a year and with the expensive GoDaddy renewal coming up on 6th June 2020, I’ve decided to fold it up and put it away.

I’ve contributed 10 years of journaling to the cycle-blogging world and I’m quite happy with that. I suppose I’m content with the content.

What has helped my decisions was the “Print my blog” toolkit. I’ve managed to output this entire website of 198 journal entries into a series of PDF documents. At first I loaded the whole balancingontwowheels website into one PDF which came to 360MB in size, but because I wanted to send it to my Kindle and convert it into a Kindle readable document, I had to export sections of it in sub-50MB chunks. So I’ve got 15 volumes of this journal from 2009 to 2020, all of them converted into Kindle documents. The Kindle convert process is awful: the trouble it has spotting “ft” or “fl” together results in a Kindle document with a lot of spelling mistakes.

Thankfully the PDFs are perfect, include all the photographs and only have the actual spelling mistakes I put here inadvertently.

So – goodbye “BalancingOnTwoWheels” – it was fun writing you.

If, dear reader, you want to follow anything else I’m typing:

Instagram & twitter: @fatherhilarious and I’m curating a website for the Colne Valley at

Happy cycling, Graeme

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